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  • PowerMTA Server
    PowerMTA Servers
    SMTP Servers
    to grow your business
    Count on a professional SMTP to
    make your bulk sendings.
    We offer from SaaS to PaaS
    in terms of mass delivery service.
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  • Acelle Mail Hosting
    Acelle Mail Hosting
    Still looking to find a
    "smtp mail server" provider?
    You've come to the right place.
    We have been providing
    email marketing software integrated
    with PowerMTA for over 8 years.
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  • Porn Hosting
    Porn Hosting
    No more
    transfer limits.
    Tired of your current provider and your limits on streaming?
    We offer a server with
    unlimited transfer,
    where you can host your website,
    your videos and your photos.
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We have a modest data center in Eastern Europe in addition to working with other data centers to meet the needs of our customers in America.

Our Small but secure data center is ready to give you the best performance for Email Marketing and Website Hosting

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What we are offering to customers

Helping over 6,422 customers around the world

Email Blast Software

Bulk Mailing Services

If there is one thing you can be sure of, it is that we offer our "Bulletproof Non-Suspend SMTP" guarantee. Our technical team guarantees you to continue making your sendings at all times. Without interruptions. In addition to that we carry out unlimited IP cleaning every 8 hours. If you need a change of IPs, you can always count on our extra service of fresh IPs.

Bulletproof Bulk Email Marketing
Bulk Emailing

Blue Spirit Hosting

Our company at the service
of your business

At Blue Spirit Hosting we are able to customize our services to offer the most suitable product for your needs. From creating a plan with 1024 IPs, to providing you with capacities of 50 million emails per day.

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PowerMTA Server

Bulk Email Sender Online

SMTP Mail Server

We offer you a SMTP Mail Server, the great PowerMTA 5.0 with which you can campaign hundreds of millions of emails. A dedicated server fully configured and managed by our technicians to guarantee the best performance.

Live Statistics, minute by minute

We advise you to maximize your campaigns

Grow your database up to the moon

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Deliverability is everything
27 November, 2022

Deliverability is everything

Messages do not always reach the first attempt. It hurts to say it, but this is how the blessed Internet works. Sometimes it has nothing to do with how you are shipping or if you are following best shipping practices. We are all familiar with the famous "421, please try again later". Well if you can be sure of one thing, we are here to help you solve those problems.

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The TIPS you need to know when using PowerMTA
25 September, 2022

The TIPS you need to know when using PowerMTA

What are the best settings to use in PowerMTA? The answer is different for each region because the settings that can work in the US do not work in Europe and vice versa. It should be noted that our customers do not ask that question because we take care to make all the necessary settings, they only worry about programming their email marketing campaigns. If you want to know more about settings, read on.

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DMARC, SPF and DKIM are not infallible
10 August, 2022

DMARC, SPF and DKIM are not infallible

On certain occasions, here at Blue Spirit Hosting, in conversations with clients and other employees, I come across certain kinds of misconceptions about how email authentication works, specifically regarding DMARC. DMARC (and SPF and DKIM) can help your business a lot, but there are many things it cannot do.

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